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Ultra Lite Travel Plate

Brand: Oxycheq

Colours Available: Black, Blue, Neon Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Camo, Camo Blue, Camo Pink

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The Ultra Lite Back Plate is the world’s lightest back plate weighing only 9oz / 255 grams. In addition to being great for travel, when combined with the Speed Harness one size fits virtually every diver. The Ultra Lite Plate is easily attached to any OxyCheq wing using two of our sex nuts/bolts. The Ultra Lite Harness also uses two cam straps.

It is easily and quickly adjusted by pulling the waist straps away from your sides. When tightened, it is very snug fit. An attachment for a crotch strap is provided, but one is not really needed. When combined with the Speed Harness, the Ultra Lite Back Plate can fitted with a number of other OxyCheq accessories such as sliding d-rings, a variety of pockets (weight, trifold, X-pocket), shoulder harness pads, crotch strap and more.



  • The lightest plate made today. 9 onces / 255 grams.

  • It allows you to use a crotch strap, but it is not needed. It fits that snug.

  • One size allowed us to fit a woman that was 5' 3" tall weighing 93 pounds. The largest was a guy at 6' 4" weighing 265 pounds. Did not try it on anyone outside of those ranges, but am sure it will fit both smaller and larger divers.

  • It only fits OxyCheq Mach V Wing designs.

  • Takes seconds to put on and take off.

  • No need to remove it from the wing once attached unless you want to.

  • Great for travel and great for rental gear because one size fits such a wide range of people.

  • Cannot crack.

  • Cannot damage a wing.

  • It fits so well, it looks like it is sewn onto the wing.

  • Lowest profile plate made today.

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