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RECON 1 Sidemount 

Brand: Oxycheq

Colours Available: Black

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There are a number of benefits to diving the RECON Extreme Sidemount System over normal doubles. Some of those benefits include . No need for a manifold, single cylinders are much easier to transport or rent than doubles, bubble checks can be performed by the individual as opposed to the buddy, easier to get back on the boat if the cylinders are removed, diver can physically see where the hoses are routed and more.

The RECON Extreme Sidemount System consists of three parts, the wing, adjustable harness and the combination backplate / buttplate.

As one would expect, and just like our other wing systems, the RECON Series is very streamlined, well balanced and built for harsh and demanding conditions.


  • 360 loop

  • 55# lift

  • 25 mil inner bladder

  • 100% of Shell covered with Extreme Fabric

  • One size fits most

  • Adjustable harness, plate and pull handles.

  • Unique elbow placement

  • Ball dumps on the same side

  • Adjustable / removable retraction band system

  • No need to add trim weight (making it 4 pounds lighter)

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