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Fluorescent Dye Marker

Brand: OMS

Colours Available: Red

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The OMS Fluorescent Dye marker leaves a substantial discoloration of a huge amount of water in your immediate area which greatly increases your visibility for both the dive boat as well as air support. It significantly increases your chance of being spotted in am emergency situation.


The fluorescent salt is an environmentally safe dye that (even in very small amounts) immediately discolors the water surrounding you a highly visible fluorescent green (yellow-green). As an added benefit it also reflects and is highlighted by sunlight increasing your visibility even in daylight. The use of fluorescent for rescue from the sea has its origins dating back more than 75 years and has already saved the lives of many stranded in the open ocean.


The OMS Fluorescent Dye marker is shipped in a very durable sealed plastic tube that is waterproof and rated to 100 meters depth. It can be easily stored for long periods of time without damage to its effectiveness.


  • Excellent safety product for Open Water diving

  • Immediately discolors the water surrounding you

  • Greatly increases visibility for both dive boat and air support

  • Sealed waterproof plastic tube depth rated to 100 meters

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