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Favola Mask

Brand: Aqua Lung

Colours Available: Blue/Silver, Yellow, White Arctic, Clear Silicone Orange, Black Silicone/Black

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A generous lens shape gives the low-volume, twin-lens Favola the feel of a more open single lens mask. The frame sets the lenses close to the eyes and angles them slightly downward for an excellent field of view, especially on the vertical plane. The Favola also makes it easy to see and manage accessories clipped to your BC.

• Guarantees an incredible field of vision

• The lenses are at an incline providing a wide angle of view upwards and downwards

• The patented Cardanic Joint Buckles rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out, providing maximum adaptability and comfort to any head shape.

• The quick counterposed push button activation makes the buckle easy to use even when wearing gloves

• Strap with larger headpiece provides greater stability and comfort

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