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Brand: Shearwater

Colours Available: Black

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The Predator incorporates all the features of the Pursuit and offers you a choice of a full colour OLED screen or our standard monochrome LCD. Our high resolution colour OLED screen is larger than the LCD by about 15% and runs on the same Saft Lithium 3.6V user changeable battery. We expect a 1 year stand by time on the Predator colour OLED and about 150 dive hours.


The colour screen allows us to use colour to convey meaning. When the screen is all green, there are no warnings. When text goes yellow or red, it notifies the diver of a problem or unusual value. With the new big and bright screen, a buddy or instructor can see at a glance whether their buddy has all green status. We think that simple ways of communicating status like using green for good status and yellow and red for error conditions continue our methods of simple and informative displays.

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