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Weight Pockets

Brand: Dive Rite

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The 16-lb Weight Pocket System is ideal for warm water diving w less weight is needed or for any diver who requires 16-pounds (3.6 kg) or less of weight. Tall and narrow, the 16-lb Weight Pocket system leaves plenty of room on the waist belt for other accessories. 
The design of these pockets does not take much space on the waist band making it ideal for divers of smaller stature. Each pocket consists of a pocket insert that holds the lead and fits inside the weight pocket holster. 
This set of right and left hand pockets are designed for use with the TransPac Harness or TransPlate Harness. The 16-lb Weight Pocket System mounts over the stainless steel side plates of the harness to weight the diver and aid with trim. 
The pockets are set at an angle, which helps divers to easily slip the holster into the pocket with one hand while wearing the BC. The top-loading weight pocket gives added security that weight will stay in place, while the Velcro flap quickly releases allowing divers to quickly dump the weight or hand it off to a boat divemaster before climbing aboard a dive boat. 
The insert can also be secured to the holster with the safety buckle if the diver wishes not to utilize the quick ditch feature. If lost or irretrievable, the weight pocket inserts are sold separately and can be easily replaced. A nickel-plated brass grommet on the bottom allows for drainage and quick drying.

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