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F776 Rubber Fins

Brand: V.Dive

Colours Available: Pink, Grey

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Ergonomic bending angle reduces leg force and achieves fast function.

Hardness 76 (size: S & M). Lightweight Design, offer the best Boost the motivation.
Size L is a professional version of hardness 82, strong design, and satisfy the tough of professional-level divers.
Double Color Pop color plus special connected buckle design, good to wear off, not easy to shedding, fluid mechanical diversion hole design, increase propulsion.
Unique human shoelaces, complete fixation attached to the heel, convenient for detachable's fast-unloading system,
Suitable for casual diving scuba diving. Snorkeling snorkeling

Features & Benefits

  • Unique design on the backstrap to prevent slipping off

  • Stylish bucket design for ease of wearing

  • Vertical stabilizers to reduce resistance to fin movement

  • Vents to add thrust on down kick and decrease drag on up kick



  • Fin Type: Open Heel
  • Material: 100% true rubber
  • Heel Strap Type: Quick release
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